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The semi-annual meeting of the national board of EGA was held March 3–6, 2021 via zoom meetings. Tricia
attended the meetings with me to get a feel for how these meetings operate. While a bit different than face to
face, the business is conducted in the same manner.

The annual meeting was live streamed on YouTube in September 2020. Due to the large amount of favorable
comments, it was decided to hold EGA’s first semi-annual meeting in March 2021 in the same manner.

There have been lessons on using Zoom, tours of shops, and virtual classes and seminars since the onset of the
pandemic. It is hoped that these formats will continue even after we are face-to-face. Many members who are
not able to afford a seminar are able to participate via Zoom or Go to Meeting and other such vehicles. Marge
Kelly, VP, reported that over 180 chapters are using Zoom for their meetings. That figures out to 72% of
chapters and over 5900 members. Some chapters may be using other virtual formats.

Nominations for National President, Treasurer, Director of Education, and Director of Marketing and
Membership will be announced soon for election at the Annual Meeting in conjunction with the Chicago
seminar in September 2021.

Fund raising during 2020–Crown Jewels received $2500 in new pledges with $3500 in on-going payments.

Total received during 2020 is $6000 for a balance of $104,400. The Heritage Fund receivd $2000 during 2020
for a total of $54,025. The Heritage Fund is restricted money of $50,000 to take care of the collection if it
should ever have to be disbursed due to the dissolution of the EGA.

National Outreach–five sets of embroidery have been published and are available for purchase to benefit
America’s wounded service members. Total sets sold between October 2018 and December 2020 are 508 for a
total of $15,270. Set 6 was due out in February 2021. All sets will remain through Janet’s term in office–
September 2021.

A youth exhibit is being planned for the spring of 2022. Postponed from 2021.

New contracts for virtual teaching were written.
“Through the Needle’s Eye” committee has been working on reimaging the exhibit. It will be virtual for all to
attend. The pieces will hang at HQ for those who are able to visit the exhibit. It will debut at the 2023 seminar
in New England – virtually. Costs to ship, package, co-ordinate, set-up, take down, etc have figured into the new
format for the TNE. The TNE committee requested more funds to cover the work plan – increasing the budget
to a total of $34,400 for 2021. This includes work by Fieldtrip and producing the video.

The Youth membership program is being revamped. Currently the committee is working through legal issues
regarding virtual classes, etc. They are also discussing what ages would constitute a youth membership.
There were two ethics issues that were resolved by the ethics committee.

Headquarters has seen an increase in use of the library.
Janet Noble is looking into recognition pins – past president, seminar chair, etc. They will use the
Heritage Design.

The Gold Thread Award recognition will be posted to the website.

Marge Kelly and Cynthia Welch have reviewed EGA’s insurance policy with the broker. Regions and Chapters
are included under the policy. All members are covered. If a chapter or region should need an insurance certificate,
it is available on the website. A rider for Social Engineering insurance covering fraud has been added. It is
best to buy cancellation insurance as a seminar contract is signed.
EGA is partnering with other textile organizations. One is sponsoring a lecture series with the Textile Society of

• Western North Carolina Fibers and Handweavers’ Guild has requested that Celeste do a presentation about
EGA for their guild. They were unaware of EGA.

• Janet Noble has arranged to contact The Society for Embroidered Work in the UK. They seem to be similar to
our Fiber Forum.

• The Huddersfield Embroiderers’ Guild in the UK wants to feature the US in their July newsletter. EGA has
sent a link to a small flag design for their focus on US patriotic themes.

• Beth Lindsay is meeting with the Italian Design School, Instituto Mangano, based in Miami.

Janet wants to assure all members that we are organized in a very different way from the UK and we are secure
at this time as national pays close attention to what is happening in the UK.
Rand Duren reported that our current retainer with Mightly (website/tech) is sufficient. We are currently using
approximately 5 hours of their time per month.

2020 National Seminar – Boston Stitch Party – was cancelled and rescheduled to the same time period in 2023.
Because 2020 was cancelled, the class pieces for 2021 were not exhibited. All viewing was through the EGA
website. At the time of this meeting, it is expected that the 2021 National Seminar will take place face to face.
A final decision will be made by May 31. They are prepared to pivot to virtual if needed but there will be a
seminar one way or the other.

Since March 2020, the National Seminar Committee has been working on changes to the National Seminar
Guidelines to include how to hold a national seminar virtually.
Seminars are currently scheduled through 2025.
2021–GLR, 2022–MET, 2023–NER, 2024–TVR, and 2025–SCR

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