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Region Director

President’s Report Highlights:

1. The Phillips Estate has finally reached a resolution. Leslie Gagliardi has informed us that she hopes it will be wrapped up by July or August of this year.
2. National has hired the Sheehy Group as part of our Marketing and Branding initiative. The Marketing and Branding Committee will be
working closely with the group to help advance the future of EGA in specific areas of logo and tagline, advertising, online presence, and membership. Stay tuned for more details in the near future.
3. Rand Duran presented the board with a proposal for a new interactive website. He is currently looking for a web designing group to help put that plan in action.
4. Members are encouraged to check out the scholarships and grants available each year. They can be found under the Education Tab on the website www.egausa.org

-Kari Boardman

Asst. Region Director
No news at this time.

Kari Boardman

Corresponding Secretary

Since the November board meeting, I have sent out one get well card to Rosemary Carter.

-Lisa Green


Phillips Grant Committee:

Canvas Class, Fall 2017

Class #1, Surface Stitching with Sylvia Murariu, May 2016
This class is over but I am mentioning it here just in case anyone hadn’t heard the sad news that Sylvia passed away earlier this month.

Class #2, Canvas Embroidery with Tony Minieri, October 2017
Registration information was sent to Chapter Reps on March 16. Registration closes on August 1, 2017. It is expected that this class will be very popular and may well go to lottery. All registrations received by May 1 will be treated equally. If there are places in the class after that date, registrations will be processed in the order they are received. The lottery will be conducted by random number generator. Each registration is assigned a sequential number as it is received. In the event of oversubscription, an Internet-based random number
generator will be used to select the 24 students. I am also hoping that Tony may be wiling to accept a few
additional students. As of March 22, 5 registrations have been received.
After registration closes, the class information sent to students will include an invitation to a Dutch treat dinner with Tony on Saturday evening at a local restaurant. Thanks again to Donna Andrews for suggesting our venue, the Marriott Courtyard in Marlborough, MA.

Class #3, Beading with Mary Alice Sinton, Spring 2018
I have an oral agreement with Mary Alice Sinton to teach a beaded embroidery class in the Spring of 2018. Pictures of the available classes may be seen at http://bluebonnetstudio.com/beading/ . Mary Alice assures me that advanced beginner and intermediate level class will be OK for our members even if this is the student’s first experience with Japanese beading.
We had originally discussed dates between May 15 and June 30, but after contacting venues in Portsmouth and Manchester, NH, I have extended this to the end of April. Late May and early June is prime college graduation time for both locations and after Memorial Day, Portsmouth rates change to in-season.

Class #4, Counted Thread on Linen Stitching with ??, Fall 2018
I will start working on this once I have contracts with Mary Alice Sinton and the venue for her class. I plan to work with the chapter reps to determine a couple of the most desirable teachers. This class will be held between Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA.

-Pat Timpanaro



Names are being added to the pictures that make up the PowerPoint slide shows that have been created so far.
As a reminder, please send me any pictures or other materials that you would like added to the files.

- Carrie Powanda Croft



It’s been a quite winter. The Bargello Challenge is wrapping up with pieces back to the coordinator for mailing to the teacher. Isabella – Italian Drawn Thread is in progress.
The next scheduled GCC is Circle of Blue Flowers – Beginning Silk and Metal Thread and will be mailed into National within the next two weeks. A group leader must be found for this GCC. As of the date of this report, only 3 people have signed up for this GCC.
The board will be asked at the meeting to pick the next three correspondence courses. A request was sent to all reps to ask their members to pick their favorites.
Please see Pat Timpanaro’s report on the Gay Philips’ grant classes. Pat has been working at
coordinating sites and teachers.

- Sue Polumbo


Region Seminar 2017 - Hosted by SOME

As of 12/15/2016 we have 128 people registered for Shell We Stitch?
60 people have signed up for the Crazy Quilt lecture.

3 people have purchased tables for the merchandise mart, this is in addition to Chapters who have requested tables.

As of this date a price for additional meal tickets (banquet and lunches) has not been determined.

All 8 classes will take place and teachers have been notified their classes are confirmed. Students will be
notified of their classes December 15. At this date all students have been placed in the classes of their choice.

Favors are 80 percent complete and name tags well on their way.

To date 30 Tote bags have been ordered.

The room block at the Cliff House is full, at the present time we have filled 82 rooms. The Cliff House has been most obliging and extended our room assignments at the original low room rate to accommodate registrations.

Should we have any late requests for registrations every effort will be made to accommodate people in the classes of their choice.

Chapters in the Region should have received letters from the Opportunity Basket Chair, Merchandise Night Chair asking Chapters if they would like a table; and the Welcome Bag Chair asking if they would like to put notices in the bags and if so asking them to either mail the notices or bring them to the NER Board Meeting prior to Seminar.

Respectfully submitted,
- Barbara Hepburn


Japanese Embroidery Classes
Dates for our upcoming classes are:

May 17 - 21, 2017

Classes are held in Southborough MA.
Please let Elizabeth Slomba know if you are interested in a beginner slot or general registration in any of coming classes:

Elizabeth Slomba



First and foremost, I’d like to thank every chapter for sending me their membership rosters when requested and for being responsive to further queries. I worked with Linda Marchand to compile a complete list of all the members of NER chapters. Due to the early mailing date for the NER seminar, she was not able to get a final 2017 list from national before her mailing deadline. I sent
Linda a file containing all the information for all the members of NER chapters, with primary and plural chapter members identified. Linda then compared this information with the list she received from national -- the national list was current as of that date, but not necessarily final.

Linda identified a few discrepancies between the list I compiled and the information on record at national.

This fell into two general categories:
• Primary chapter members who had moved, but not yet notified national of the address change. I asked the chapter membership people to please remind the member to notify national.
• National life members who are no longer members of the former primary chapter. We assumed these people are now MALs. There were also a few national life members who changed primary chapters; this change was not reflected at national.

It was a lot of work, but Linda and I were both
confident that she was able to send a seminar brochure to everyone in NER.

- Pat Timpanaro



The Spring newsletter will go out some time prior to April 18, 2016, but preferably sooner. I am
requesting that anyone that has something to put into the newsletter to please have it to me by the March 25th NER board meeting.
Postage: Winter Newsletter – $4.45.
Cost of printing:19 pages for 5 copies = 95 copies total at $.06 per page for a total of $5.70.
Total: $10.15

-Denise Pratt


Toys Committee:

Committee members are continuing to make contacts; however at this date no additional schools have been added.
An educator at Lyndon State College has been
approached and after learning about the program expressed “ most impressed with the materials”, and is presently contacting local art teachers in her area.
The EGA Youth Chairman has been made aware of TOYS, and would like to have the program introduced at the 2018 EGA Seminar as an exhibit at EGA Seminar 2018 if possible. She also is interested in
materials from the program—which the committee should discuss.
Plans have been made to have a display and session after classes at Shell We Stitch in April. The session on Saturday will give more details about the program, ask for suggestions as ways to get more interest, and share how members can assist.

-Diana Snyder
-Sue Polumbo
-Donna Andrews
-Carolyn Ball-Hanson



No report.

-Carolyn Ball-Hanson



Reports were received from all 10 chapters.


Please see the individual chapter listings for their current news.

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