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2018 Group Correspondence Courses

Announcing the next Group Correspondence Course offered by NER :

More Than a Rose

Sue Polumbo, the NER Education Chair has announced a new group correspondence course.

More Than a Rose is a small piece designed to introduce students to some stitches and raised work techniques used on English sweet bags ca. 1600. The student should be familiar with Tent stitch, able to follow a stitch diagram, and willing to make decisions based on a range of presented alternatives typical of that time period. Students may follow the choices made on the model or test their wings with alternatives. This project is worked on a linen ground with your choice of cotton or silk floss and with gold and silver passing threads, providing a taste of goldwork without a large investment in gold materials. The techniques are a mixture of Tent stitch, surface embroidery, and needle lace. The text shows how to work Plaited Braid, four varieties of Corded Detached Buttonhole, three varieties of Ceylon, Offset Cross, and other more familiar stitches.

For full class details, click on egausa.org/courses/more-than-a-rose

For more information and registration form please contact Sue Polumbo

Group Correspondence Course Registration form:
Name ______________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________
City ___________________________________ State ___________ Zip _________________
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If you are willing to be the group leader please initial here ____________________________
EGA Membership Number (required): __________________________________________ The registration deadline is September 18, 2018. Please send this form along with a check in the amount of $50.00 made payable to “NER EGA” to: Susan Polumbo, 65 Wren Drive, Suffield, CT 06078

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