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2022 Group Correspondence Courses

New Group Correspondence Course for the New England Region

New Group Correspondence Course for the New England Region

A close-up of some flowers  Description automatically generated with low confidenceSpring Splendor by Kay Stanis

Registration Deadline: May 14, 2022

See the NEW elements of our correspondence course on page 2.  
On our Group Correspondence Course Spring Splendor you will learn couching, filling with purls, blending long and short over padding, how to transfer your patterns and twist flat silk and more.
Finally, after that long cold winter and the long cold drizzle that melted the gray snow and rinsed the earth clean, comes the time of generous sun. Blossoms exuberantly play in the golden light and spring walks among us again. The foundation for this bouquet is Dupioni silk and the silk fibers used are soft twist silk and silk sewing thread. These threads combine with pearl purl, check purl, Japanese twist, Grecian twist, passing thread, and Japanese golds to create the butterfly, blossoms and leaves. The stitches include vertical, radiating, horizontal, voided, and diagonal satin; long and short over padding and split stitch; normal and pattern couching. Students will also learn how to transfer their own patterns and twist flat silk. The focus of the class will be on couching, filling areas with purls, and blending long and short over padding.
Project: Framed picture
Size: 8″ x 10″ design on 13.5″ x 18″ silk foundation
Fabric: Dupioni silk
Threads: Silk: five skeins of soft twist silks, four values of red, one of gold; Silk sewing thread. Metal: #1 Pearl purl; #6 Bright check purl; #1 Gold, SterlingTM 07; #5 Passing thread; #5 Japanese gold; #3 Japanese twist; medium Grecian twist; #8 braid, preferably Coronet BraidTM
Colors: Student’s choice, sample is in reds
Proficiency Level: Intermediate to advanced
Prerequisites: Some experience working with silk
Time: Twelve months, six working sessions
Supplies (approximate): $80, if provided by teacher.
About Kay Stanis: Kay Stanis is an internationally known fiber artist, designer, Master Craftsman, and Certified and Graduate Certified Teacher of EGA and Kurenai Kai Traditional Japanese Embroidery.  She has been on the faculties of American Needlepoint Guild national seminars, Callaway School of Needlearts, Embroiderers Association of Canada, EGA national and regional seminars, Koala Conventions, South Australia Embroidery Conference, Embroidery 2000 (New Zealand), and many independent groups.
The cost of the class is $40.00 for chapter members, $50.00 for Members at Large.
Registration deadline is May 14, 2022.  Registration will be sent to National shortly thereafter.  Booklets will be received by the group leader approximately 8 to10 weeks after that.  The group leader will notify you of the end date.  This is a twelve-month course.
NEW!  We hope offer Zoom sessions for the group every two months for members to compare notes, ask questions and get encouragement and support from each other.
NEW!  Kay will provide a kit for those who want one, although she has been affected by the same supply line issues as everyone else. After signing up, you may contact her to request it.

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Reticello Needlebook by Jennifer Gutwein

Registration Deadline: Jan. 15, 2022
Learn the technique of Reticello and stitch a personalized needle book! This Group Correspondence Course is the next step for the experienced drawn thread enthusiasts who wish to begin learning the technique of reticello. It incorporates the pulled 4-sided stitch, the cutting of threads in both directions, satin stitched edges, and needle weaving.
This GCC starts you in the direction of needle lace. Additional stitches used in this GCC are blanket stitched arcs with or without circle picots, creating blanket stitched initials, and many variations of arcs, bars, and combinations of these stitches. This personalized GCC allows students to choose one initial. The GCC instructions will include your personalized template, the page of working instructions for the initial, as well as 18 pages of an in-depth appendix of instructions and figures for creating these embellishments. The embellishments may be interchanged in many areas, making your needle book unique. The 40 pages before the Appendix have step-by-step instructions to work the needle book for your embellishments. The finishing of the needle book is a “picot” edge, again with step- by-step instruction and figures. There also is a template with your figure for stretching it back into shape. Prerequisite for this GCC is a working knowledge of either Hardanger or drawn thread.

Project: Needle Book
Size of piece: 4” x4” closed and 4” x 8” open
Color choices: any color desired, it is requested that perlé coton and fabric match.
Supplies used: 28 count off-white linen, #8 and #12 #712 perlé coton, wool felt and duponi silk
Skill level: Beginner needle lace
Prerequisites: Previous Hardanger or drawn thread courses
Time for Course: 5 months, 4 lessons
Text price: $35.00 (70 pages)
Estimated supply cost: $15.00
Registration deadline is Jan. 15, 2022.  Registration will be sent to National shortly thereafter.  Booklets will be received by the group leader approximately 8 to10 weeks after that.  The group leader will notify you of the end date.  This is a six-month course.

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Shimmering Dreams by Mona Hill

Registration Deadline: August 14, 2021
Shimmering Dreams
In our Group Correspondence Course Shimmering Dreams with Mona Hill, ever-larger sparkling squares rotate around a shiny central medallion to finish in a star silhouette. This glorious 10” x 10”composition of metallics, silk threads, and blending filaments explores laying silk, shading, beading and couching techniques, and working layered and composite stitches, (including sprats head and Amadeus hearts). The thorough text contains many diagrams. White congress cloth makes a quiet, sparkling piece; navy congress cloth makes it glowing, and dynamic. The 61-page text begins with history of the technique, and follows with detailed instructions, illustrations and stitch diagrams.  Each motif is accompanied with an enlarged photograph allowing the student to see the position and angle of individual stitches. Students may choose between stranded silk or stranded cotton threads and silk or cotton ground fabrics.
Type of project: Picture
Size of project: 10” x 10”
Color choices: lavender and aqua on white or navy. A worksheet is provided for each participant to make color choices.
Supplies used: Congress cloth, Splendor silk or cotton floss, Sparkle Ray, Snow, Kreinik Braid, Accentuate, Sparkle Rays, beads, needles, laying tool, stretcher bars. Participants may choose alternate colors if desired.
Skill level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: ability to read diagrams
Timeline for course: 8 months (Introduction meeting, 6 lessons, wrap-up session)
Text price:$54.00
Estimated supply cost: $45.00 for silk: $27.00 for cotton floss
DMC Floss Number for tassel: 121


Registration deadline is Aug. 14, 2021.  Registration will be sent to National shortly thereafter.  Booklets will be received by the group leader approximately 8 to10 weeks after that.  The group leader will notify you of the end date.  This is a six-month course.

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