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Welcome to the Web site of The New England Region of The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc. (EGA). We invite you to come join us, sharing our love of stitching, as we preserve the needle art of embroidery and participate in educational programs. EGA has approximately 20,000 members in 354 chapters in 13 Regions scattered across the United States, plus one chapter on-line. Our National Headquarters and the Margaret Parshall Gallery are located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The New England Region Inc., affectionately known by its members as NER, has approximately 875 members in 12 chapters. These chapters and their area groups are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

As a region, we offer Group Correspondence Courses, a Region Day educational program or tour and other educational opportunities. A multi-day seminar or stitch-in is held each year giving region members a chance to study with nationally recognized teachers.

Don’t forget to remind new members that we have a beautiful NER pin. Then pick up pins for members, both new and old, who would like one. The cost per pin is $5.00.

Message from NER Director

Hi Everyone,

The holiday season is upon us. I am sending out to you my wishes for peace, good health and happiness during this time and into the next year. I hope you are able to get in a little stitching time for yourselves as well.
If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out A Little Book of Embroidery Basics on the National EGA website. It was put together by Pat Lufholm and the funding for the book was provided by the Gay Montague Phillips Bequest. Pat has filled it with wonderful tips and tricks to help us all improve our embroidery skills. She has also included advice from some of our National teachers. It’s free to anyone for download, so grab your copy today and tell all of your stitching friends about it!
Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

Kari Boardman NER RD


June 18, 2016

Work continues to progress as expected and is following the updated timeline initiated March, 2016

The brochure will be ready to go to the printer by the end of June, early July and mailed out early August for a September 1st, first day registration.

Welcome bags have been started, favors are well underway.

Directions for our Fourth ~ Shell We Stitch ~ teaser project will be in the next NER Newsletter and kits advertised in the EGA E~News and Region Website.


UPDATE: As of December 15, 128 people are registered for Shell We Stitch?
As of 11/12/2016 we have 118 people registered with several more expected by the deadline of December 1, 2016.
60 people have signed up for the Crazy Quilt lecture.
3 people have purchased tables for the merchandise mart, this is in addition to Chapters who have requested tables.
As of this date a price for additional meal tickets (banquet and lunches) has not been determined.
All 8 classes will take place and teachers have been notified their classes are confirmed. Students will be
notified of their classes December 15. At this date all students have been placed in the classes of their choice.
Favors are 80 percent complete and name tags well on their way.
To date 30 Tote bags have been ordered.
The room block at the Cliff House is full, at the present time we have filled 82 rooms. The Cliff House has been most obliging and extended our room assignments at the original low room rate to accommodate registrations.
Should we have any late requests for registrations every effort will be made to accommodate people in the classes of their choice.
Chapters in the Region should have received letters from the Opportunity Basket Chair, Merchandise Night Chair asking Chapters if they would like a table; and the Welcome Bag Chair asking if they would like to put notices in the bags and if so asking them to either mail the notices or bring them to the NER Board Meeting prior to Seminar.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Hepburn Seminar Chair


For keeping the NER website up-to-date, Chapters should send non-calendar information and announcements to Keri Boardman before the due date of March 25, 2017, with “NER Website Update Information” in the subject line.

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